Spring Cleaning Checklist: 7 Things You Can Clean At Home

July 22, 2021

Spring is coming, and that means you can bring up your house cleaning plan that was postponed for so long during the winter months. You know what I mean; we are not talking about simple chores like weeping the floor or washing your bed sheets. We are talking about the cleaning tasks that you haven’t done for months, and now is the best time to start.

1. Clean out your shed

It’s been filled with so much stuff that maybe there is no room left for anything else, and it might be covered in dust, too. Therefore, you should spend a day pulling everything out and start cleaning up this whole area. Then, if you still have time and energy, select belongings to throw away that are broken or too old to donate.

2. Freshen up your patio

This is the face of a house, but sometimes it’s hard to remember it. To make your patio new again, you only need dish soap, a scrub brush, and some elbow grease to wash it. Besides that, painting the wood is also a good idea to refresh this area.

3. Wash your pillows

People always remember to wash their bed sheets and pillow cases, but sometimes they leave their pillows dirty. Therefore, if you haven’t washed yours for a few months already, this is the time to do so. Most pillows can be washed in the washing machine, but you should read carefully about the instructions to follow.

4. Wash your curtains

You might not know this, but curtains are huge dust magnets since you always let them contact the outside world. As a result, cleaning them gets a lot of dust out of your room, and makes it look brighter as well. If your curtains are not fitting in the washing machine, you might consider vacuuming or steaming to get the same result.

5. Declutter your wardrobe

Winter is over! That means you need to replace your winter clothes with spring outfits. Make sure all your winter clothes are clean before packing them up to place somewhere else. Again, if you find stuff that you haven’t touched for a long time, consider saying bye to it as well.

6. Clean your fan

If the weather keeps getting warmer, you will need to use your fan soon. Since you haven’t used it for a long time, it’s necessary to remove all the dust before switching it on.

7. Disinfect your garbage bins

These bins might be the dirtiest objects in your home, so make sure that you clean them well. First, take all of the garbage bags out and bring all of the bins outside. Then, use a scrub brush with dish soap to clean the bins inside and outside.

Spring is finally here, and if you want to enjoy spring vibes with clean air at home, don’t ignore these tasks. You might not finish this list in one day, but try to do at least one task each day and you can enjoy a clean and nice house after one week.