8 Affordable DIY Home Improvement Tips That Everyone Should Try

July 22, 2021

When it comes to home improvement, most people depend heavily on outsourcing services to do the job. This is way more expensive compared to doing the home improvement yourself. With continual lockdowns, many homeowners decided to take charge of their home improvement since they can spend their free time doing something fun while saving their money.

1. Painting the Front Door

When was the last time you painted your door? Does it still look new, or has the color changed because of dust and weather? If the answer is yes, it’s time to “makeover” your house by painting your door. While we want to encourage your creativity, it’s important to remember these guidelines when picking a color:
● Use neutral colors such as brown, black, or gray so that the look stands longer through time.
● The color should be picked based on the home’s overall style and its surroundings.

Tip: Since the weather can damage the front door over time, it’s essential to use the proper paint to prevent that from happening. Door-friendly exterior paints are available in a variety of finishes, such as matte and glossy.

2. Grow plants indoors

Indoor plants have been an essential component of every interior design since their greenery brightens up indoor spaces, boosts your mood, and cleans your air. There are some factors that you should consider when choosing a plant: the size, the amount of light needed, and the amount of water needed. Some common plants that you can choose from are succulents, palms, or ferns.

3. Clean and paint fan cover

When was the last time you checked the bathroom vent cover? If it is clogged with dust and yellowed from years of use, it’s probably time for a refresh. First, you need to remove the cover and give it a good scrubbing in the sink. When it’s dry, hit it with a few coats of high-gloss white spray paint and your fan cover will look as good as new again.

4. Put Some Paintings On the Wall

If you or your loved ones are passionate about painting, make them proud by putting their artwork on the walls of your house. Artwork not only instills a fresh vibe to your home, but also makes your house look spacious. Depending on your home’s style, these paintings can be put in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or your home office room.

5. Decorate your home with string lights

Most house owners use string lights to decorate their patio, but they also go well with the living room and the bedroom. They can create a romantic atmosphere for couples, but also cozy and warm vibes for families.

6. Upgrade exterior light fixtures

It’s a simple project, but still brings great results. Buying new fixtures can add more charm to your lighting. In case the fixture is still new, you can spray paint it for a new finish. You will be surprised with the change, we promise!

7. Declutter

Decluttering an entire house might be a big project. However, you can simplify it by distributing it into rooms. All you need is 5 baskets with different categories: put away, recycle, fix, trash, and donate. You start by bringing all the baskets into one room, and then you collect and put belongings into the corresponding basket. Again, this process usually takes more than a day, so don’t be stressed if you can’t finish it quickly. In fact, the advice is, you should declutter one room per day.

8. Curb appeal

There are many ways to boost your house’s look that will make your friends and neighbors impressed when they see it. If gardening is your hobby, you might think about adding plants or flowers to your garden or installing flower boxes below your windows. Besides that, setting up chairs or a porch swing can enhance your curb appeal and welcome guests.

All of these projects are fun to do and can help you “revive” your house with a low budget compared to using outsourcing services. Please share with us your most recent home improvement projects; we would love to hear from you!